Pirates Players Hold Seance For Ghost Of Nate McLouth

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Well I'd say they're taking this well. Pirates players, in the aftermath of the Nate McLouth trade, are firing off angry missives at management, lamenting their lot in life and lighting candles and making cardboard cutouts of McLouth at the table where he used to play cards. I am not making this up.

On Thursday, at the clubhouse table where McLouth used to play cards with relievers Sean Burnett and Jesse Chavez, a candle bearing McLouth's uniform No. 13 was lit, along with a photo of him in uniform, the Post-Gazette reported. "We'll miss him," Burnett said.

Other players were angrier.

"There ain't a guy in here who ain't [ticked] off about it," said first baseman Adam LaRoche, according to the report. "It's kind of like being with your platoon in a battle, and guys keep dropping around you. You keep hanging on, hanging on, and you've got to figure: How much longer till you sink?

Adam, there are 11 teams in the NL with better records than the Pirates. You've scored 8 more runs than you've allowed. I know we're only a third of the way through the season. I'm not saying you're sunk, but you're also not cruising to the barbados. What did this have to do with soldiers again? Stop mixing metaphors.

Then again, I haven't really understood this McLouth move from the start. Dude was locked up for a couple more years and so wasn't going to cost the Pirates a big chunk of change anytime soon. Shedding salary when you have lousy attendance, or getting something for a FA before he walks are understandable, but just giving up your (affordable) top player for prospects in the first week of June does reek of surrender. Keep burning that incense and donning those headwraps, Pittsburgh.

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McClouth was traded before he could reveal his magic tricks. Brandon Moss has had his fingers stuck in Chinese finger cuffs for three days.

Nate McLouth sounds like an excellent 1980's TV detective.

It means he gets results, you stupid chief!

LaRoche is just mad because he got traded from Atlanta to Pittsburg, and not the other way around like McClouth


LaRoche is just mad because he's still not the best player on the Pirates.

I'm not saying you're sunk

And yet, we are saying that.

When you suck as epically as the Pirates have, you do not get to complain when the team brings in a haul for a guy who cannot hit (sorry, Matt) and has only slightly better range than Raul Ibanez.

Well he can hit, he just can't mash.

Really, the folks in Pittsburgh just want their clean-cut white outfield back.

McClouths 27 HR last year was more than the Braves OF combined. And his 9 this year now makes him the team leader.

He's definitely an upgrade. But, he had a terrible second half last season, his 2009 slash is .256/.349/.470, and he's quite limited in CF. I just think he's wildly overrated, but if he's a significant improvement, then it doesn't matter for the Braves, I suppose.

Bernie Carbo would be a significant upgrade for the Braves and he's been dead for 18 years.

Adam LaRoche wasn't making a metaphor. The team is also literally a band of pirates on the side. McLouth was the best at the steering wheel.

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